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Special Notes for ePad-vision Users

We have a separate ePad-vision Product Resources page that provides detailed information about the ePad-vision software, firmware, and tools.



The following notes are key highlights:



If you are using ePad-vision with Universal Installer 10.4 or later, you must download Firmware 4.3 or later into your ePad-vision.
View the ePad-vision Firmware Update Process for more information.


There are two ways to determine your ePad-vision firmware version:

  1. Open the ePad-vision control panel and click the About tab
  2. Unplug your pad, plug it back in, and the firmware version will be displayed along the bottom of the LCD.





If you are using ePad-vision with Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, your computer must have Microsoft .NET 3.5 software installed to use UI 11.0 or later. To install .NET 3.5, go to the following web page:





View the User Guide for ePad-vision for complete information.





The ePad-vision Web Signature Capture SDKs offer a mechanism and platform for developers and integrators to capture handwritten signatures using ePad-vision signature pads for web applications running in the Chrome and Firefox browsers. View more information in the "Developer Docs and Tools" section.





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