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Install the ePad-vision drivers to enable your PC to communicate with your ePad-vision device:


Install the electronic signature application software on your PC. ePadLink provides two free applications you can download:

  1. pDoc Signer, a Windows desktop app that enables you to sign PDF documents using your ePad-vision. For further information and to download a free copy, see the pDoc Signer page.
  2. IntegriSign Desktop provides plug-ins that enable signature capture in popular desktop applications: Microsoft Word and Excel, and Adobe Acrobat. For further information and to download a free copy, see the IntegriSign Desktop page.


Now you are ready to eSign Anywhere™!




The latest version of ePad-vision firmware is 4.3 R11403. This version supports downloadable fonts. Click here for details.


Before you try to download new firmware, determine what your current firmware version is by using one of these methods:


  1. Access the ePad-vision Control Panel by clicking Start > Control Panel >
    ePad-vision, and then clicking on the About tab.
  2. Unplug your ePad-vision from your PC, wait 5 seconds, then plug it in again. The ePad-vision will display the firmware version on the bottom of the welcome screen.



If the firmware version is 4.3, you do not need to upgrade your firmware.



If your firmware version is older than 4.3, then you should upgrade your firmware by following these steps.



Control Panel and Graphic Files


  1. Control Panel:
    In the ePad-vision Control Panel, accessible from the Windows Control Panel, you can change settings such as ink color, ink width, background image settings, and screensaver settings. The ePad-vision Control Panel can be accessed by clicking on: Start > Control Panel > ePad-vision.

  2. Screensaver Images:
    The screensaver images are graphic files that are loaded in the ePad-vision memory and rotate at the interval specified in the Control Panel settings. Sample images are provided with the software installation. These can be found by browsing to:

    <Program Files Folder>\ePadLink\ePad\Images\ePad-vision\ScreenSaver\

  3. Background Signing Images:
    The background signing image is displayed when a user is signing on the ePad-vision. A background image has a "Line and X" to show a user where to sign. The standard background signing image and some additional images can be found by browsing to:

    <Program Files Folder>\ePadLink\ePad\Images\ePad-vision\signatureBackground\





  1. ePad-vision Compliance Text Demo:
    This demo shows how a simple program can push affirmation and other compliance text to the screen of the ePad-vision during a simulated signature capture process. The default installation folder is:

    <Program Files Folder>\ePadLink\ePad\Demos\ePad-vision

  2. ePad-vision Widget Demo:
    This demo is installed with IntegriSign Desktop. It shows a simple interface with widgets and uses the resulting XML file that holds the instructions for rendering screens on the ePad-vision. The default installation folder is:

    <Program Files Folder>\IntegriSign Desktop\SDKs\ePad-vision SDK\Samples\C#.NET\ePad-visionWidgetDemo\bin\Release



Sample Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF Documents to Sign


These documents have predefined eSignature fields so you can see how easy it is to sign with IntegriSign Desktop. Just open the documents, click on the signature field, and sign on your ePad-vision. You may access the documents at:


<Program Files Folder>\IntegriSign Desktop\Desktop\Sample Signing Documents


Note: IntegriSign Desktop when used with ePad-vision will require Microsoft Office 2003 and later to operate.



IntegriSign Desktop User Manuals


The user manuals describe how to setup IntegriSign Desktop and use it for signing Adobe Acrobat documents and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook documents.





  1. Generic ePad Test Utility:
    This tool allows you to test your ePad device to ensure the software and the hardware were installed properly. To access it, click on:

    Start > All Programs > ePadLink > ePad > Generic ePad Test Utility.

  2. IntegriSign Desktop Pen Diagnostics:
    This tool will test your ePad operation with IntegriSign Desktop eSignature software. To access it, click on:

    Start > All Programs > IntegriSign Desktop > Desktop > Pen Diagnostics






ePad-vision API Documentation

Note: If you are unable to open the CHM file properly, please right click the file, select Properties, and click on the Unblock button. It should work fine after this.



ePad-vision Web Signature Capture SDKs




ePad-vision Web Native Messaging SDKs



ePad-vision Compliance Text Demo Source Code

This source code will help you prototype a custom process to push compliance or legal text to the ePad-vision screen. It can be installed through "Custom" installation procedure from Universal Installer.



ePad-vision Widget Demo Source Code

This source code will help you prototype widget screen layouts. It can be accessed by browsing to:


<Program Files Folder>\IntegriSign Desktop\SDKs\ePad-vision SDK\Samples\C#.NET\ePad-visionWidgetDemo\



ePad-vision .NET Test Program

This tool will exercise most of the ePad-vision APIs. Two XML samples are included to demonstrate the data collection mode of the ePad-vision: a Banking Demo and a Menu Demo. You can find the .NET Test Program at:


<Program Files Folder>\ePadLink\ePad\Diagnostics\ePad-vision\



 IntegriSign Desktop SDK Documentation

The Developer's Guide describes the components, properties, events, and methods employed by IntegriSign Desktop. Download all developer guides.


Samples for various development environments can be found at:


<Program Files Folder>\IntegriSign Desktop\SDKs\



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